Holistic Conception

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Herbal Consultation 

Gut Balance 
This program is about re-establishing your gut through  a detail program
You will have detailed labs that will assist with a look into your body systems, deficiencies and imbalances.
We will be focusing on

  •  Nutrition 
  • Detox
  • Activity
  • Balancing out systems
  • Mental health
  • Women' s health History 
  •  Herbal support 
  • Restoring Gut 
  • Learning how to Maintain Gut 

Womb Health 
This program is to assist women who have experienced menstrual  issues, syndromes or disfunctions. such as endometriosis, Poly cystic Ovarian syndrome and fibroids etc.
There will be a detail history taken, labs and current glimpse into your current lifestyle choices. 
We will focus on;

  • Nutrition 
  • Cleanse/Detox 
  • Hormone balances 
  • Mental Health 
  • Herbal support 
  • Vitamin/mineral 
  • Restore gut 
  • maintaining health 

 Congratulations on your first step to your Holistic Journey.  Everyone has a reason why they have started this journey. You either have a medical issue that is requiring you to make some changes in your lifestyle or you are simply looking to improve your quality of life. 

I will share how I started my journey. I met my husband late in life and I found myself at 35 years old trying to conceive. I started with changing eating habits, caffeine intake and cutting back on junk food. All the common changes. After many years a miscarriage and an ectopic that I ultimately lost one fallopian tube. I started my next phase of conception meeting with a fertility specialist. after one unsuccessful attempt My husband and I conceived our rainbow baby. She is amazing, this journey has now led me to Women's Health and Wellness Herbalist. It has been amazing learning a more in depth way our bodies work and are affect by herbs and other wonderful plants and flowers. After completing the program with Indigenous Remedies I knew that a passion was birthed. As a Doula I love sharing in on some the most beautiful moments of couples lives now its time to assist people in the beautiful moments I would like to be with people as they are changing the course of life for them and their families, wither its them simply becoming healthy for longevity in life or with the goal of preparing for conception or having a health womb.

Welcome to your holistic journey and Thank you for considering in this journey.  Please find listed below the different programs offered.

Consultation Fee $69