Meaning of Peaceful - Free from disturbance; tranquil.
Synonyms- At rest, at ease, undisturbed, untroubled and blissful
Allow us to assist you in achieving Peacefulness through your Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Postpartum recovery.   

Tunisia was excellent from start to finish!  She is a true professional and so clearly passionate about birth and her role in the process.  It was so nice to have someone to reach out to with questions or just reassurance early on in my pregnancy.  I had no doubts that she would help create a calm and positive birth experience.  The fact that she also is trained in massage is an added plus.  Tunisia totally commits herself to your experience and makes you feel like you are her only client at the time.  When I called her at odd hours in the night and day she always responded.  When it was go time she labored with me for hours during the day to really get things going.  By the time we arrived at the hospital the next morning, I was already 5 cm dilated and I know that was due to all the work we did together.  I made it to 7.5 cm without an epidural and then ended up having an emergency c section because the baby's heart rate was dropping.  Even though it wasn't the birth that I imagined, it was unique and special and Tunisia supported me throughout with calming words and a relaxing touch.  Our postpartum visits (and phone calls) were also super helpful.  I would highly recommend Tunisia to anyone in search of an awesome doula.  Her personal touch, warm spirit, and true passion set her apart!



My journey with Tunisia was a unique one - some would say it was cut short, but I would say it showed the power of a doula.  It is far from just about the labor experience - it's really about how we go about this journey called pregnancy.  She also was a doula for me in a non-traditional way. My son made his entrance four months early.  This journey was one of the hardest I've ever been on, and Tunisia was there as a necessary support for me during the 161 days we spent in the NICU.  I would highly recommend her as your partner on your pregnancy journey - no matter what road it may take.


The world needs more doulas like Tunisia.

My husband and I met Tunisia late in my pregnancy at my midwife's recommendation since I was determined to have a medication free, hospital VBAC. From the very beginning, Tunisia was incredibly responsive and very organized. She provided numerous resources and by our second meeting, we felt as if we'd known her for years.

Because this was my first vaginal birth, I had doubts about my body's ability to safely and naturally birth a baby. Tunisia helped me work through those doubts and fears prior to my second son's birth and gave me so much more confidence going into the process.

By the time I went into labor, statistically all of the cards were stacked against a hospital VBAC. Not only had I gained a lot of weight throughout the pregnancy, I was at 41 weeks + 2 days gestation and over 35. Still, Tunisia shared with me her confidence that I could do it.

I labored at home as long as possible and finally called Tunisia when the contractions became very intense. I was ready to go to the hospital before she'd made it halfway, but she encouraged me to wait and work a little more with her at home as we had planned. Once she arrived, she quickly went to work showing my husband how to help me deal with each contraction.

We finally headed to the hospital and found out I was 7 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I was so happy to learn that I'd already made it further than I had with my first, an emergency C-section due to "failure to descend." Tunisia stayed by my side the entire time; helping me focus and relax through contractions with massage, guided imagery and aromatherapy. She was incredibly attentive to my needs as well as my husband's. As our baby's head crowned, Tunisia grabbed her camera, capturing the first precious moments of our son's life.

Our birth experience was nothing short of perfect thanks to such a wonderful doula.


Tunisia was amazing in every way. From the moment we first met her she felt like one of the family. She was so easy to talk to and gain information from that I never felt anything but at ease with her talent and ability. She came to our home when my labor started and took control of everything. Tunisia was so supportive to both my husband and I from the start to finish. Without me having to say a word, she knew what I needed and made sure I had it. She told my husband when to rest and when to eat so that he wouldn't miss anything. Our son was delivered at home, his birth was made perfect by the fact that Tunisia was there helping and supporting us. Having her come for my post natal visit was reassuring. She showed me infant message that we still use on our son to this day, he is 19 months now. If you are looking for a doula with experience, compassion, knowledge and understanding look no further than Tunisia!



I had the privilege of working w Tunisia Macklin as my doula for my second pregnancy and what fitting day like Thanksgiving to show my appreciation for such an amazing doula. I sought out the assistance of a doula for my 2nd pregnancy because I felt as though I hadn't had control over anything during my very 1st labor and delivery experience, and it should hv been my special moment, but ended up w a c-section which I was very distraught over for a long time.  I knew if God blessed me with another baby I would need some help, and I was lucky enough to have met Tunisia. She matched my determination, ensured that we stuck to my birth plan, and was incredibly creative with her labor tactics. Tunisia collaboratively worked with my doctor to get the labor and delivery I wanted for myself and after what seemed like many ups and downs during labor, she never lost her drive which kept me motivated. Tunisia has a strong sixth sense and caught moments I was getting in my own head and pulled me out to stay focused and driven for pushing time. She was my strength when I had begun to grow weak.

It's been five days since our successful VBAC with Tunisia and I'm still on a high.  I knew my body could do it.  Tunisia, I will always be grateful for having had you by my side and hope to work with you again in the near future!
Love  GJ

I met Mrs. Tunisia Macklin at a Labor& Delivery class at West Suburban Medical Center. She was kind and friendly from the start and explained to me the great benefits of her services as a doula. A few months later I contacted her and hired her as our doula. She immediately asked about my doctors appointments, and overall health. She walked me through the process of getting last minute medical care and even came to my house to meet my family. Her communication was great and on the day I had to be induced she still kept my spirits up and kept my family notified of every change. She kept me hydrated, massaged my aching back and legs, and did everything to naturally relieve my pain. My husband felt more confident and she coached us through all the ups and downs of the labor. Even when a c section was necessary I was not afraid because she let me know what to expect. I never felt alone. She was my rock when my family needed that break or reassurance. She kept the mood positive and used aromatherapy to calm me. Before the baby was born I inquired about placenta encapsulation. She did that as well. In a few short days she not only had the capsules, but had created a care package in a beautiful box that included a journal, a tincture, the capsules, nipple cream, and more. She even dropped it off at my house. She stayed for an hour and ensured that I was doing well mentally and spiritually. She showed me breastfeeding techniques and gave me tips. Even 3 months after my son is born I can still ask for advice and she still checks in with us. Her services were so worth it and I wouldn't hesitate to call her again for a future birth. 


Tunisia is awesome! She was my Doula for my first childbirth experience and I am so grateful to have had her as part of my birthing journey. Tunisia is very knowledgeable and made my husband and I feel very comfortable as we prepared for the birth of our baby girl. As first time parents, we didn't know what to expect, but we felt well-equipped and confident after speaking and meeting with Tunisia. We appreciated having her as a resource of constant support. It was comforting to have her confidence and wealth of experience. I loved that Tunisia held me accountable to my "natural" birth plan and continued to encourage me throughout the process. I gave birth  naturally to a healthy baby girl - no meds, no interventions, no tears or stitches. Post birth, I struggled with breastfeeding and Tunisia gave me great advice and support and now I am successfully breastfeeding! Tunisia helped make my ideal birthing experience come true! I could not have done it without her and so glad she was a part of our team! I plan to use Tunisia for future births!


Tunisia was the "best thing since sliced bread"! My husband and I were thinking about hiring a doula for our intended natural birth of our first child, we interviewed Tunisia and from the first moment I met her, I knew we had the perfect match! My husband and I did not really understand the true value of a doula, in general, until we went into labor, and I can say with 100% certaintly that Tunisia went above and beyond her responsibilities as a doula.  

Tunisia had a meeting with us prior to giving birth to understand our birth plan and special requests, and her professionalism and expertise in the field truly made us feel safe and even very excited to go through our natural birth for the first time.  Before we were able to have our second meeting, I went into labor and Tunisia came over to our house at 11:00 in the evening, she assisted me through my "waves" (a.k.a. contractions) by pressing on my lower back to relieve the shooting pains.  She also assisted in pain relief during labor with the exercise/birthing ball and massages with essential oils.  She provided my husband with suggestions on how to help me get through the contractions, mentally and physically, I felt as though I had the support I needed in order to achieve my goals of giving natural birth.  She also played my preferred music in the hospital room and stood with me in the shower for an entire hour as I was laboring. Tunisia stayed by my side and my husband's side for the entire birthing process from Tuesday evening at 11:00pm until the baby was born on Thursday afternoon at 4:30 and I assure you, I would not have been able to give a natural birth without her assistance.

Tunisia is the best Doula and we highly recommend her to all of our pregnant friends!


Before my husband and I started interviewing doulas, we did some research and everything we read mentioned this gut feeling that you would just know you found the right doula when you met her. When we met Tunisia, I finally understood what they meant. We just clicked! What I loved about Tunisia was her experience, her calm yet confident nature, and most of all the way she connected with my husband and how comfortable she made him feel about labor. As first time parents, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, and my husband was more nervous than he let on, but I knew that having Tunisia on our team meant he would be more confident in supporting me through this journey.

Tunisia helped us create our birth plan but also had us think about our ideal experience, so when labor came two weeks ahead of schedule, we were ready. By the time we got to the hospital, I was ready to push. I knew the moment Tunisia arrived. She took charge, calmed my husband and helped support me and talked me through pushing. I had started to lose my breath and she kept me going. She worked effortlessly with our midwife and even helped document our experience. She was also there for us after our hospital stay. Tunisia was an invaluable resource as she helped answer many questions I had regarding breastfeeding in those early weeks. We really appreciate everything she has done for us and would highly recommend her!